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Ilha das Couves | Litoral Norte de Sao Paulo | info@eportbrazil.com
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Phone: +55 19 99983 2691

Email: info@eportbrazil.com

Address: Ilha das Couves,
Sao Sebastiao, SP 11600-000, Brazil

Getting There & Around

Boat crossing from the beaches of 'Barra do Sahy', 'Juquehy' or 'Boiçucanga' takes about 15 minutes to our island.

Transportation suggestion by bus: from Sao Paulo to the coast take a bus from 'Litorania' company that departures from 'Rodoviária Tietê' in Sao Paulo. Or take local bus lines from Sao Sebastião to the local beaches.

A taxy boat will transport you to the island with a fee of R$50 round trip. Remember that you'll be going to an ISLAND so the latest you can departure from the continent is 6pm. We'll keep in contact to guarantee that you'll have a safe and comfortable stay. If you need more information regarding the transportation, access and your stay (for example, what to bring), please contact us.

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