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About Camp David - Ilha das Couves

Our island is part of the Mata Atlantic National Park. Rich in fauna and flora, we offer activities like walking in the trails, snorkeling, diving, fishing, kayaking, etc. We have an organic garden and 100% organic eggs. Reconnect with the nature. We accept daily visits for R$20 per day.

The Island

The island called 'Ilha das Couves' is a private property located on the northern shore of the state of Sao Paulo (litoral norte de SP). It is part of the city of Sao Sebastian. Very little explored, the island has one cabin with rustic accommodations and space for camping. Part of the island can also be rented for events. A fee of R$100 is charged for the room accommodation per person. For the Camping ground we charge a fee of R$50 per person. The island has limited capacity of 15 people per night.

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Guest Access

All the island areas are shared with our guests, except for a part of the native forest which is a preservation spot with limited access. Guests have access to walkings paths, snorkel diving, kayak rent, fishing, yoga and meditation. It's also possible to visit other islands of the archipelago.

Interaction with Guests

Day and night interaction with guests. We'll be in the island during your stay to guarantee everything goes well. We also speak Portuguese and Spanish. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served for extra cost.

Our Neighbors

Our neighbors are other islands that belong to the archipelago. It's possible to visit them. These islands are called 'Ilha dos Gatos' and 'Ilha Montão do Trigo'. The last one is habitated by about 70 families of the 'Caiçaras' community. The nearest island is in fact a combination of two islands, connected by a large sand beach. You can either swim or use the kayak to get there, since it's very close.

Getting There & Around

Boat crossing from the beaches of 'Barra do Sahy', 'Juquehy' or 'Boiçucanga' takes about 15 minutes to our island.

Transportation suggestion by bus: from Sao Paulo to the coast take a bus from 'Litorania' company that departures from 'Rodoviária Tietê' in Sao Paulo. Or take local bus lines from Sao Sebastião to the local beaches.

A taxy boat will transport you to the island with a fee of R$50 round trip. Remember that you'll be going to an ISLAND so the latest you can departure from the continent is 6pm. We'll keep in contact to guarantee that you'll have a safe and comfortable stay. If you need more information regarding the transportation, access and your stay (for example, what to bring), please contact us.

Reservations Eport Brazil

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The second way is by the use of our AirBNB page, where you can directly book a spot for a stay on our island.

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