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About Eport Brazil

Our mission is to preserve and protect the islands off the coast of Litoral Norte Costa Sul, Sao Sebastiao, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Our objective is to structure regional economic development and a sustainable community along the North Shore of Sao Paulo (Costa Sul).

Our organizational Structure: Form OSCIP - worker cooperative units - integrated management plan. The target is to make a HUB of Ilha das Couves and a center of operations for the whole region. The HUB will become emergency evacuation and airlift services site for boaters and recreation in this region. Our goals are to implement three (3) tier project which is to include alternative transportation modes, renewable green energy smart grid and advanced telecom systems.

This is a intercambio - cultural and transitional program to promote local Caicara way of life. History goes back to 1700! The integrated project to include; Mariculture coop, ecotourism, science station, community bank, educational retreats, and agricultural production.

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Our Projects

We have several projects running at the moment. Read more about our projects here!